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In 1988, Alexander & Ilya Salkind, who produced the first three Superman movies starring Christopher Reeves decided to venture into the superman world again. but this time they wanted a different direction. instead of another motion picture they went to a slightly smaller media television. “Superboy,” a half an hour series based on clark kent’s college years. Superboy went into production at Disney & Univeral Studios in Orlando, Florida. 

5th Season Introduction: As the fourth season of The Adventures of Superboy came to an end with the episodes “Rites of Passage Parts 1 & 2,”  the series was placed in a legal lien by Warner Bros. and with that stopped any future plans of either made for TV movies and as well as potentially a 5th or 6th season of The Adventures of Superboy. But many things where left unsolved as to whether Clark would every find out his true past. What every happen to Bryon son of Dracula & Brimstone as well as many other characters in the series? Will Clark tell Lana his secret that he is non other than Superboy? This season of The Adventures of Superboy will solve many things that went unresolved as the series ended and will offer new and exciting adventures and obstacles for the Boy of Steel to overcome. All this and much more awaits you in season five.

Virtual Season Crew:

Sam J. Rizzo // Executive Producer

DOB // December 17th
LOC // Chicago 

Adam Hoerner // Executive Producer

DOB // January 25th
LOC // Pennsylvania

Rennie Cowan // Writer

Doug Chambers // Writer

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